Services Overview


For you, the entrepreneur, solopreneur, or small business, the goal of your business might be crystal clear. You dream of what it would be like if everything was working as it is “supposed to.” You can vividly see the new product, process, or service offering that will take you, and your business, to the next level.

But when you think of how you are going to achieve all of that – starting with what you need to do tomorrow, then next week, and next month – the panic ensues, the doubt creeps in, the inadequacies are emphasized, and the overwhelm paralyzes you. You know this requires serious manpower, resources and know-how and you just don’t have it.

We can design a plan to get you from where you are, to where you want to be. While every business and every solution is unique, here’s an overview of how we can help your small business flourish. 

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project management

We are masters at ingesting tons of information, breaking it down in to easily manageable bite-sized steps, logically putting it into an order, creating a comprehensive plan, rallying the team, and guiding you through the execution to completion.

  • Short and long-term action plans for achieving the company’s goals;

  • Timelines, milestones and task delegation;

  • Developing new products or service offerings;

  • Coordinating and planning special events and conferences;

  • Cultivating a book launch, product launch, or company launch;

  • Creating playbooks and/or project templates; and

  • Content creating / editing.

Monique unscrambled all of my priorities, strategies, and ideas and organized them into an actionable plan, helping me be immediately productive and intentional. Now I am confident that I can run my business doing what I do best, while at the same time looking to the future instead of being caught up in the minutia.”

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Business foundation & operations

My team of highly talented, and extraordinarily Type-A producers and solutions executers will construct a stable infrastructure that your business can use as a framework for success.

  • Overhaul of organizations’ operational systems, procedures, and processes to find the inefficiencies, then implementing easy solutions to solve all problems;

  • Procedures manuals, on-boarding and off-boarding documents;

  • Platform or shared drive(s) setup, server and folder management, standardized naming;

  • Office organization, design, and maintenance;

  • Team/staff training (specializing in Executive Assistants, Virtual Assistants, Coordinators, Logistics, etc.)

  • Leadership training and coaching;

  • Creating organizational chart(s) with clearly defined roles; and

  • Writing job descriptions that attract the people you WANT, not the people you NEED

“Working with Monique 180’ed my business! She filled my cup with confidence, totally modernized my procedures and helped me implement things that I now cannot imagine living without. She shifted my bottom line and up-leveled my life.”

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speaker development

With a methodical creation of processes and procedures, plus a decade of experience in building a speaker’s brand, we can get you to that next level in your speaking career!

  • Expanding and/or refining existing keynotes, presentations and related materials;

  • Strengthen your Marketing/PR/Social Media to show you in an authentic and real way;

  • Creating, editing, or amplifying your promotional packet, including biography, session description, photos, videos, testimonials, one-page fact sheet, promo sheets, etc.;

  • Formulating a back-end process for tracking and maintaining your speaking career - from lead generation to invoicing; and

  • Developing an “event bookings spreadsheet” to track events, dates, locations, and profits.