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Digital Productivity MASTERCLASS for Microsoft OFFICE
(Technology Workshop)

Feeling overwhelmed by the work on your plate that can't be delegated?  Frustrated with the time investment of working in Excel, Word or Outlook?  Wishing you knew the shortcuts and new features to maximize your productivity?  Well, there is! Register for one of our below workshops TODAY!

For Mac Users: September 18, 2019 | Boston, MA

More coming in 2020!

Building the Ultimate Executive / Assistant Partnership Breakfast Summit
(Educational Workshop)
October 24, 2019 | Hudson Yards, NY

Join us on October 24th for this first-ever workshop summit created for BOTH Executives and Assistants in New York City!  This Breakfast Summit will be fast, content-rich, and it might very well be the start of a meaningful change in your life. Your hosts, Bonnie Low-Kramen and Monique Helstrom, know first-hand exactly what it takes to build this powerful partnership. They lived it. They built it. And they are ready to share it all with you.